Strategic Plan: Milan Momentum

Strategic planning is a tool that any group of people, such as a municipality, can use to proactively plan their future. Strategic Planning is a process that:

*examines where your organization is now, where you want it to be, and how you are going to get there;

*involves your community or group envisioning your preferred future;

*produces a flexible plan or road map of strategies derived from internal discussions and external sources of input;

*steers your county/region in a focused direction for future success;

*allows proactive thinking beyond your current activities and traditions;

*deals with change positively by responding to it effectively;

*involves making decisions that consider changes or anticipated changes in the environment; and

*establishes priorities for action that are reflective of all aspects of your community.

Over the course of three meetings, conducted during August, 2012, various business, civic and governmental representatives met to initiate a Strategic Planning process called Milan Momentum. The first meeting was devoted to a discussion of where Sullivan County, the city of Milan, and various public sector entities stand today. During the second meeting, the group focused on identifying Strengths (Assets), Weaknesses (Liabilities), Opportunities and threats (Constraints) in the community and developed a Vision Statement for Sullivan County/city of Milan.

 From that Vision Statement, this group was able to identify the eight major goals which will guide and/or drive future community action. The final meeting, the brainstorming session, focused on creating a realistic Action Plan or set of individual projects, strategies and/or steps for attaining these goals.  This document is fluid and will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Board.

 If you have any general comments/suggestions or would like additional information regarding the Action Plan, please contact the City Administrator’s office at: 265-4420.

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