Action Plan



Goal #1: Communication

1. Develop Internet presence by November 1, 2012.

A. Meet with Chris May and Donald Murphy.

B. Contact Truman State University and North Central Missouri College

C. Develop and finalize content for web site

D. Launch website

2. Conduct Town Hall meetings, as appropriate, to:

A. Understand the public’s perception of a particular problem or issue;

B. Facilitate two-way communication; and

C. Educate the public, businesses and/or other entities, i.e., adopted budget.

    3. Create and implement a comprehensive communication and marketing plan for Sullivan County/Milan that:

          A. Captures positive publicity in the media to convey special community attributes.

          B. Increases spirit and pride among residents to foster community goals through  neighborhood strategies.

          C. Uses downtown enhancements and other assets to market our community.

          D. Supports and promotes our local school district to better market an important asset.

          E. Gains residents support of tax issues to keep government stable.

          F. Devise a viable marketing plan to meet “customer” needs.

          G. Develop a communication plan for effective sharing of information with partnership groups.

     4. Improve communications with state legislative delegation through formal information programs and individual contacts.

           A. Survey state and Federal representatives for opinions on relevant issues on a regular basis.

           B. Identify Field Representatives for each legislator and provide information packet to each.

     5. Promote positive and proactive communications with our multi-cultural residents.

           A. Develop events, information and forums that generate enhanced dialog between local residents and our new, multi-cultural residents, i.e., Multi-Cultural Festival.

          B. Seek out partnerships with other organizations and/or individuals, i.e., Milan Chamber of Commerce, Axel Fuentes, etc.

  Goal #2: Economic Development

     1.   Develop strategy for capturing existing markets.

          A. Utilize the information generated from the RDG Planning & Design Market Analysis to identify market gaps for the primary and secondary market areas. Areas noted include: 

  • General Merchandise ($8.2 million gap)
  • Food Service and Drinking Places ($5.6 million)
  • Grocery Stores ($4.4 million gap)
  • Health and Personal Care ($3.9 million gap)
  • Clothing Stores ($2.4 million gap)
  • Miscellaneous Stores (1.6 million gap)
  • Electronics and Appliance Stores ($1.1 million)
  • Furniture and Home Furnishings ($1 million gap)

          B. Identify and aggressively explore infill opportunities on the downtown business square as well as the Highway 5 Business Corridor.

          C. Improve share of retail market captured through downtown by providing convenient parking or public transit or by reviewing store hours and merchandising.

          D. Encourage citizens to buy locally through information programs; and

          E. Continue to promote hunting and fishing activities that will generate revenue for our businesses.

     2.  Assist existing businesses become more efficent.

          A. Meet with local businesses to identify training and/or recruitment requirements.

          B. Strengthen management capacities through educational programs (personnel, finance, organizational skills).

              1) Entrepreneurship and Business Development Center

              2) Work Force Investment Board

          C. Increase knowledge of new technology through educational programs in science and engineering.

          D. Help employers improve work-force quality through educational programs employment counseling and social services (daycare, health services).

     3. Obtain resources from broader levels of government.

         A. Ensuring that local residents have information about the availability of public assistance programs for elderly, handicapped and others who cannot work.

         B.  Maintaining a record of available aids from broader government for projects that support new business development and/or expansion.

         C. Identify, establish and nurture strategic partnerships that can provide access to “outside” sources of revenue, i.e., grants, low-interest loans, etc.

                          a. Green Hills Regional Planning Commission

                         b. USDA Regional Office

                         c. Missouri Department of Economic Development

                         d. State and Federal Legislators and/or their field representatives

     4. Encourage the creation of new businesses (entrepreneurship).

           A. Organize to provide individual counsel and intensive education for those interested in forming a new business.

                  1) Entrepreneurship and Business Development Center

           B. Identify potential for new retail, wholesale and input providing businesses.

                   1) Jamesport Connection

                  2) Restaurant

                  3) Bar/lounge

                  4) Recreation and/or Leisure-time Activities

                  5) General Merchandise

                  6) Clothing

          C. Help organize sources for assisting new business formation or expansion.

                   1) Entrepreneurship and Business Development Center

                  2) Mo. Department of Economic Development

  5. Create development plan for the Highway 5 Business Corridor.

                   1) Identify infill opportunities

                  2) Identify target businesses

                  3) Identify recruitment strategies

      6. Attract new basic or export employers.

           A. Identify economic sectors/clusters and pursue them with incentive packages, i.e., food manufacturing/processing cluster along Highway 5 Business Corridor.

          B. Develop information “packet” relative to available local business sites.

                   1) Highway 5 Business Corridor

                   2) Downtown Square and adjacent buildings

                   3) Old funeral home facility

          C. Develop facilities to attract new employers, such as:

                 1) Transportation (streets, highway)

                2) Housing

                3) Educational system

                4) Recreation facilities (parks, hunting grounds, restaurants)

                5) Communications (telephone, cable, internet services)

                6) Services (banking, computers, legal assistance, accounting)

           D. Create inviting commercial corridor (Business Highway 5) that aesthetically and economically enhance our City image and promotes pride, commerce, and progress.

           E. Develop Business Highway 5 Corridor Economic and Community development plan to direct future growth and drive economic development efforts.

           F. Establish a formal community and/or economic development corporation.

           G. Identify and organize local capital resources to assist in attracting new industry. Create and/or link city website to the existing Milan Chamber website.

           H. Identify industry that will have the greatest impact on the local economy and focus recruitment effort on these firms

       7. Explore the feasibility and potential of recreational activities as an economic development engine.

             — Competitive sports, i.e., soccer and baseball

            — Identify private sector opportunities, i.e., hunting supply store.

      8. Enhance marketing activities regarding the hunting and fishing opportunities in Sullivan County.

     9. Explore interface avenues for engaging our Hispanic population with the Hispanic Business, Trade and Culture Commission to explore economic development opportunities.

Goal #3:: East Locust Creek Lake Project

     1. Improve communications with state legislative delegation through formal information programs and individual contacts.

           A. Survey state and Federal representatives for opinions on relevant issues on a regular basis.

          B. Identify Field Representatives for each legislator and provide information packet to each.

Goal #4: Image & Physical Environment

     1. Develop and implement a comprehensive capital improvement plan (CIP) to be implemented throughout the City.  Identify potential funding mechanisms.

           A. Water line replacement

          B. Sewer collection system upgrades

          C. Electric pole replacements

          D. Street and stormwater projects

     2. Maintain the community “gateways” along the major streets that enter the city of Milan through the use of special signage, landscaping, and other entry design features.

           A. Identify funding for two entrance signs

          B.  Work with Master Gardeners on landscaping ideas.

     3. Construct an amphitheater at the site of the old Shipley Building and establish protocol and/or guidelines for its use by outside entities.

     4. Develop an annual master list of community activities and events that could be held either on the sqaure or other sites in the community.

           — Old Timers group

           — Rotary

           — Elks

           — Senior Center

           — School District

     5. Implement Community Appearance Plan:

          A. Maintain a continuous education program that will create awareness among business owners and citizens about what is acceptable in this community from an appearance perspective.

          B. Expand case management of problem properties.

                1) Develop target list of properties.

               2) If non-compliant, ensure cases go to court and are prosecuted

           C. Conduct Spring and Fall clean-up program.

         D. Explore the feasibility of implementing a Landlord Occupancy Permit Program. Absentee landlords can create difficulties in abating nuisance properties – some type of licensing/permit will help track investor/owners of these properties.

           E. Establish a Stewardship Improvement Program that encourages volunteer organizations to sponsor community improvement, clean-up projects, and/or street adoption.

          F. Develop program that identifies “special financing” alternatives to encourage code compliance and/or property improvements, i.e., Green Hills Community Action Agency.

          G. Work with local banks and realtors to identify homes that are in foreclosure or close to it. Develop plan to address individual properties.

          H. Complete sidewalk restoration project in downtown and surrounding area.

     6. City of Milan-specific  Projects:

           A. Explore creating city of Milan website and interface with the Chamber’s website.

           B. Continue the “City Corner” articles for the Milan Standard as a strategy to  discuss city activities and projects which enhance the city/community’s image.

           C. Maintain and enhance the appearance of city infrastructure, property, equipment, vehciles and personnel.

           D. Start utilizing the city logo on all correspondence/letterhead/business cards, etc..

Goal #5: Enhanced Facilities/Operations – Public Sector Organizations

     1. Identify outside funding mechanisms that could enhance either the facilities or the operations of the following public sector organizations in the community.

           — School system

          — Sullivan County Memorial Hospital

          — Sullivan County Senior Center/Nutrition site

          — Sullivan County Museum

          — Sullivan County Library

    2. Identify the feasibility and potential for establishing Steering Committees to assist the above-referenced organizations and their governing bodies with strategic planning initiatives identifying facility and/or operational needs/issues/strategies.

     3. Identify strategic partners that could/would assist with fund-raising activities for the above-referenced entities.

     4. Explore the feasibility for creating a Community Foundation which could be used to support facility needs and/or operational issues.

           — Actively promote the existing Sullivan County Memorial Hospital Foundation.

     5. How can the Community Center be better utilized? Develop list of options.

Goal #6Recreation & Leisure-Time Activities

  1. In conjunction with the following strategic partners, develop and implement multi-year Parks & Recreation Master Plan for Sullivan County/city of Milan.

                                              — Park Board

                                              — Summer Recreation

                                             — City Schools

                                             — City employees

                                             — Sullivan County

                                             — Teen Advisory Committee

                                             — Interested citizens.

          A. Update Parks facilities.

          B. Develop recreational programming to meet the needs for all segments of the community.

          C. Develop programs/activities for the teenage market <13 to 19>.

               1) Create Teen Advisory Committee to assist with the development of realitically viable programs for community teens.

               2) Are there private sector opportunities that would support recreational activities for community teens/

           D. Evaluate and establish appropriate partnerships for facilitities and program usage, i.e., school facilities, community center, the Body and Mind gym, etc.

           E. Identify and secure additional outside funding to implement various parts of the Parks & Recreation Master Plan.

                1) If the city of Milan receives Recreational Trail Program grant, ensure that the trail is completed in timely manner.

                2) Identify project that could be submitted for LWCF grants.

                 3) Missouri Arts Council grant opportunities.

     2. Enhance marketing efforts to increase awareness of new and existing programming.

Goal #7: Housing

     1. Create, review and implement elements of the Community Appearance Plan as appropriate.

     2. Develop an exterior property maintenance program that identifies, prioritizes and cleans up properties in violation.

     3. Develop a program that assists landlords with converting vacant properties into suitable and affordable rental units. <See #5 below>.

     4. Work with local banks and realtors to identify homes that are in foreclosure or close to it. Develop plan to address individual properties.

     5. Develop program that identifies “special financing” alternatives to encourage code compliance and/or property improvements, i.e., Green Hills Community Action Agency.

Goal #8: Enhanced Utilization of Community Assets

     1. Re-evaluate the role, scope and function of the Sullivan County Community Development Corporation as well as the Community Center facility. Can they be expanded?

     2. Explore the potential and/or feasibility of utilizing the Community Betterment Program as an umbrella to encompass various civic and fraternal organizations in Sullivan County.

     3. Obtain resources from broader levels of government.

          A. Establish a volunteer program to engage and involve thye community.

          B. Once the city’s website is finalized and running, maintain a list of volunteer opportunities on the web; develop a mechanism for volunteers to respond on-line.

         C. Work with local organizations, schools, and the court system that have community service requirements to assist in obtaining volunteers.

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