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Recreational Activities

Milan Parks

Hunting & Fishing

Hunters from all over the nation use north central Missouri for hunting turkey and white tail deer, as the area is home to thousands of acres of public and private hunting grounds.  Sullivan County, which includes the City of Milan, is home to five Conservation Land areas:  Dark Hollow, Locust Creek, Morris Prairie, Sears Community Lake and Union Ridge. These areas provide plenty of opportunity for those interested in hunting and fishing. There are also numerous landowners that allow hunting on their ground with several of them offering seasonal leases.

The area in and around Sullivan County (Milan) is recognized for its abundant harvests of deer and turkey, while still being a well-kept secret. Stop by the Milan Motel on highway 5-6 and pick up a list of the best “huntin spots n fishin holes” in the County. There is room for more hunters in Sullivan County and we encourage you to come try your hand.

You can find hotel/motel accommodations where sportsmen and their families will find a warm welcome, as well as camping facilities, both full hook-up and primitive. You are encouraged to make reservations early and please be sure to check on land use restrictions and hunting or fishing licenses as well as season dates. You can find hunting season dates by visiting the Missouri Conservation Department website at You can learn more about the Conservation Areas in Sullivan County by clicking on the link from the website above titled “Conservation Atlas” or by calling the Conservation Department office at 660.

Hunting and fishing licenses are available on-line at so you can get them before you come and check stations are easily found throughout Sullivan County. The county also has many locations including these Conservation Areas that are great for those of you who enjoy wildlife photography. You are invited to come take pictures all year long with no permits needed. There are plenty of things to do in and around Sullivan County for those family members who are not interested in hunting, fishing or photography so bring them along and make it a family weekend.

Swimming Pool

Pool operations are usually from Memorial Day weekend to approximately Labor Day, but may be modified depending on the weather.  Please contact City Hall for current status.
Admission Costs:

General Admission $3.00 per person

Family Pool Pass (family of 4–$10.00 each additional person):

Prior to June 9 = $100
After June 9  = $120
Single Pool Pass: $50.00


Pool Hours:

To be published around second week in May.

Pool Parties & Swimming Lessons Offered All Summer


The pool may have alternate hours of operation due to:

  • Authorized special events.
  • The first or final weeks of operation due to personnel shortages.
  • Inclement weather
  • Safety conditions
  • Alternate schedules will be posted at the pool(s).

For your safety and pleasure the following rules and regulations will be in effect and enforced during the swimming season. Parents are requested to discuss and explain the following rules and their importance with their children (toddlers, pre-teenagers, and teenagers).

  1. Walk…. Please No running anywhere in the facility.
  2. No wrestling, horseplay, punching, pushing, or pulling others into the pool. Snapping of towels is prohibited. Boisterousness, profanity, roughness or threats will not be tolerated.
  3. Smoking is prohibited in any portion of the facilities. Smoking is allowed outside the facility, but not within 20′ of the entrance.
  4. Toys, water balloons, rubber balls, super soakers, inner tubes, face masks, snorkels, or the like shall not be permitted.
  5. Swimmies are permitted only with adult water supervision. No swimmies in the diving area. Parents must be in the water.
  6. Dogs or other pets are not permitted on the pool grounds.
  7. Any person showing evidence of skin diseases, sore or inflamed eyes, colds, nasal or ear discharge, or any communicable disease, excessive sunburn, open blisters, cuts or bandages shall be refused admission.
  8. No glass containers shall be permitted in the pool areas.
  9. The Management of the pool and the City of Milan are not responsible for personal property.
  10. Pool parking in designated areas only.
  11. All persons using the pool must take a shower using warm water and soap before entering the pool.
  12. No talking to the lifeguards when on duty.
  13. Persons are not permitted in the lifeguard and snack bar area unless authorized.
  14. Diving is permitted only in designated area:
    • One person at a time is permitted on a diving board.
    • Divers shall not dive until the previous diver has cleared the area below the board.
    • Diving shall not be permitted from the side of the board.
    • Excessive bouncing on the board is prohibited.
    • Swimmers, other than divers, shall not be permitted in the diving well except during designated periods.
    • Running dives from the deck area are prohibited.
    • Only one person is permitted on the slide at any time. Sit facing front only.
  15. Violators of the swimming rules are subject to revocation of swimming privileges.
Please Help Keep Your Pool And Grounds Clean By:
  1. Cooperating in disposal of rubbish, papers, etc., in proper containers around the pool.
  2. Not throwing sticks, stones, dirt or trash into the pool.
  3. Setting a good example for the youngsters, by eating and drinking in the Picnic Area.
  4. Not allowing small children to play in the sand in the volleyball area.