Sullivan County and the City of Milan

Vision Statement:

In the year 2020 Sullivan County, and the city of Milan in particular, will be recognized as a livable family-friendly and progressive region with an economically thriving and stable economy, regarded for the richness of its multi-cultural population, its natural setting and small town atmosphere as well as access to ample water, sewer and electrical services for its residents and businesses.

The City of Milan, in strategic partnership and communication with Sullivan County, other communities, civic organizations, our residents, businesses, schools and other entities will be dedicated to:

  • Providing a healthy, welcoming atmosphere where citizens choose to live, go to school, leave and return to raise families, retire and take pride in their community;
  • Providing a safe and healthy community where people are protected and secure, care about and take responsibility for their neighborhoods and are proud of where they live, work and play;
  • Valuing our diversity of language, housing, culture, backgrounds and choices and capitalizing on the diversity of the community to build stronger neighborhoods, economic opportunities and ensure the availability of city services to all;
  • Creating a thriving local economy with an active downtown square, a well-educated workforce and strategic investment in city and other governmental or public sector infrastructure that create an environment that promotes businesses to expansion or to locate in Sullivan County, creating well-paying jobs and enhancing our quality of life;
  • Creating an inclusive City government that conducts all activities in a manner that encourages citizen involvement, enhances public trust and promotes understanding;
  • Providing effective and efficient City Services and continuously assesses our purpose, promotes and rewards innovation and improvement, fosters employee development and uses effective methods and technologies to produce significant positive results and lasting benefits for citizens, businesses and other governmental entities; and
  • Ensuring a suitable level of quality, affordable housing stock is available for currents residents as well as new families relocating or returning to Milan.
  • Establish, maintain and expand contact and a presence with state and Federal elected officials, i.e., develop a Legislative Communication Plan.


Goal #1: Enhanced communication, transparency and involvement with residents, businesses and other governmental and public sector entities in Sullivan County.

Goal #2: Identify and cultivate strategic partnerships that will enable the city to maintain a strong and vibrant local economy, including an active downtown square.

Goal #3: Provide assistance, including the development of a Legislative communication plan that will aid in bringing the East Locust Creek Reservoir Project to a timely and affordable conclusion.

Goal #4: Maintain and enhance the city of Milan and Sullivan County’s image and physical environment.

Goal #5: Develop strategies that will assist other governmental and public sector entities with enhancing their facilities and organizational activities.

Goal #6: Create sustainable recreational and leisure time activities for all segments of the community.

Goal #7: Explore additional housing needs and opportunities in the community as well as initiatives that will expand, stabilize and improve the current housing stock.

Goal #8: Develop strategies that will facilitate better utilization of the community organizations and other assets in Sullivan County.