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City of Milan Announces Residential Rental Registration and Inspection Policy

The City of Milan is officially launching the Residential Rental Registration and Inspection Policy, an initiative designed to protect public health, safety, and the general welfare of the people of the City of Milan who are residing in residential rental properties. The initiative comes after the Milan City Council voted to approve the creation of the policy on January 2, 2024, during the regularly scheduled Board of Aldermen Meeting.
Beginning March 18, 2024, residential rental property owners shall register their rental property with the City of Milan; and, effective end of day April 30, 2024, any unregistered residential rental dwellings and/or units will be in violation and subject to penalty. Registrations are valid until December 31 of the registration year and must be submitted annual. A $10 fee per dwelling/unit is due at the time of registration.
Once registered, an inspection will be scheduled with the residential rental property owner by the City Administrator or his/her designate and, upon completion of a successful inspection, a certification of occupancy will be issued. Each residential rental property will be required to be reinspected every 24 months OR when a property has a change in occupancy. This policy does allow for an inspection to take place by the City Administrator or his/her designate at any time upon receipt of a complaint that a residential rental property is not in compliance. An inspection fee of $15 per dwelling/unit is required upon completion of inspection.
For more information, please visit forms & permits.